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Three Tips For Traveling Abroad

Posted on 22 February 2018 by admin (0)

If you’ve never traveled abroad before or you just need a quick refresher, read through our three tips for traveling abroad.  You’d be happy to know that we have years of experience traveling ourselves, as well as helping others move internationally as one of the most reputable moving companies in the United States. You could say our experience in traveling to different countries could help you in your next adventure.

1. Check With Your Doctor Before Traveling

This may not seem like an important step when traveling outside the country, but it is definitely necessary. You’ll want to visit your doctor to tell him of your travels and to update any shots or vaccinations that you may need prior to staying overseas.  You’ll also want to check with your Insurance providers to see if they will cover you while in another country.  This is extremely important for those who are staying for a long period of time, since the risk of getting injured or ill increases the longer you stay.

2. Contact Your Bank

Most credit cards will work in foreign countries as majority of the banks accept the secure chip-and-PIN technology.  However, you’ll want to confirm with your bank if your card will be accepted wherever you’re staying.  You’ll also want to let your bank or credit card company know the dates of when you’ll be traveling so they don’t think freeze your account because of fraud.

3. Carry on Bag With Goodies

Traveling over international waters means 15-20+ hour long flights.  You’ll want to have a carry on bag with extra snacks and goodies that will hold you over for those long flights.  Of course, the airlines will provide you with meals, refreshments, and snacks along the way, but it doesn’t hurt to pack away some of your favorites.

Other than goodies, it’s also a good idea to have a change of clothes and some important toiletries to keep you smelling fresh and throughout a long flight.