How to pack when going to the jungle

Packing isn’t the easiest to do. Because you don’t know what you need, what to take and what to leave. When packing for a jungle trip you don’t know what is the weather going to be, or when it is going to rain or not. Know one thing the nights are cold. Here are some tips that might help you. 

Hiking boots 

when going on a hike you need hiking boots that is comfortable and support your ankle. The reason for this is that for the muddy and trails that will make you slip. Get boots that have a material that will not cause your feet to get hot and make sure that they are the good quality they don’t rip and damage.

Sun hat

Can the sun really be that hot? Always have a hat with you so that your face doesn’t burn. Buy a hat that has something that covers your neck so that it burns as well. Get a that covers your neck and has a great quality of the fabric.


The best way to hike is to have some pants on because the mosquitoes can’t get to you. Your legs won’t burn. Don’t wear pants that are too hot, wear hot pants at night when is really cold. Wear pant that will dry quickly and is comfortable to wear. 


Wear a that will protect you from the sun. Bring a shirt that will not cause burns. Bring a jacket a long shirt that will keep you warm in the cold night. If you wear a t-shirt the bug will not bite you but always use bug spray. If you stay at a lodge a tank top is better to wear it. You sleep better with a tank top and if it is hot you can wear it to cool you down a little. 

When going camping, stay at a lodge, if hiking these are things that you will need.  Make always sure you have all the things you for the trip. When hiking makes sure that you always have a bottle of water, sun cream, glasses, and hat. First aid kit is also would come in handy, and prepare everything in a backpack that isn’t heavy to carry around all the time. Make sure to have one that isn’t too big that will hold all your belonging safe and nit get wet 

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